Welcome to Project Familiar!

Welcome to Project Familiar!

Project Familiar is an Augment Reality (AR) companion app for tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), starting with 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Project Familiar’s goal is to help speed up and codify the process of running through a combat encounter – an integral part of the game that, while fun, can easily get bogged down by the game’s plethora of complex scenarios and seemingly-arbitrary rulings.

I have poured countless hours into nine D&D campaigns since 2015, of which I’ve run three. I have loved getting immersed in my group’s worlds and characters ever since my first session, but for my group, combat has often lasted longer than we would like. While we always enjoy it, what looks like a basic fight always takes us far too long; the rules can often trip up even experienced players like us. Project Familiar aims to ameliorate this issue by providing a quick and simple evaluation of the game’s state on your phone’s screen, while also granting access to visualization tools that allow for quicker decisions on less intuitive rules.

Project Familiar is my project for EECS 499, an independent study course at the University of Michigan. I will be updating this website weekly with blog posts chronicling my progress. I think it will be an interesting study in tangible AR interface and game design, while also serving as a fun passion project. I hope you’ll follow along!

Who am I?

My name is Rob Swor. I am a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan. I’m the Vice President of WolverineSoft, the University’s largest video game design and development club, as well as an instructor’s aide for EECS 494, a capstone course for computer science majors teaching game development in Unity. This past summer, I worked as an intern at Spellbound AR, an Ann Arbor tech startup whose goal is to improve the hospital experience for both patients and caretakers in children’s healthcare.

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