Week 10 – Turns!

I finally made some much-needed progress on turn order this week, and I polished up the ortho view.

(I apologize for the relative lack of images – I will update with those ASAP, but I can’t get pictures off of the Pixel for the moment.)

I started by doing something a little simpler to ease into it – I added zooming & scrolling to the main orthographic view. This was fairly straightforward and only took a couple of hours. There were a few problems here and there, but most had fairly trivial solutions once I diagnosed them. Scroll bars didn’t like to scale properly, as an example – I don’t really understand why this was the case, but it’s not like it was a challenging fix. I spent more time trying to handle issues with object placement: the grid isn’t centered at (0, 0) in ARCore, and mixing that with scaling meant it was extremely easy for the orthographic view to find itself centered nowhere near the grid.

I have also taken steps to greatly simplify my network code – and it looks like it’s paying off! I stripped almost every method that wasn’t either meant to be an RPC call or a helper, and made sure that any logic more complicated than changing a couple of variables based on one input was handled entirely by the host. I also simplified method parameters – previously, I had been using parameters that were too complex to work with, but now they’ve been reduced to a single string at most.

A before and after of how characters were added. AddCharacter was used in the same situation as AddCharacter_New. AddCharacterStatic is used in the same situation, but only for non-host players.

Here it is in action:

Super exciting stuff, I know. I also managed to get it set up such that a player can no longer drag their character around outside of their turn, but can still take steps to plan their turn, such as viewing characters’ movement radii.

While it may not seem that big, this is massive for me this week, especially since the expo is only 8 days out. The last things I need to do now are:

  • Clean up Touch Management a bit. Due to (I believe) the toll AR takes on devices, touch management can be spotty in AR. I think the phone might be missing when a TouchEnd event should happen at times, and other times I think it just loses track of the finger.
  • Multiplayer AR. While Cloud Anchors would be ideal, I may have to settle for getting augmented images working again. It seems like a consistent way to not have to worry about actually networking the grid while ensuring that it is as aligned as possible.
  • General polish (sir). There are smaller issues here and there – AoEs don’t scale properly in AR thanks to the grid scale slider, if it’s not you’re turn the picture-in-picture doesn’t pop up until you let go, highlighting tiles while dragging doesn’t work anymore, etc. Mostly small things that I can go without, but should also only take a matter of minutes to fix.

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